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My Mother Sheila

mamashe/sheshe started this conversation
Hello, My Name is Elizabeth, I am Sheila O'Gradys Youngest Daughter.
As of Thursday the 5th of May, My Amazing Mother went to be with her Son, Her God, And Her Elvis... My Mother Past ever so Sweetly surrounded by a Room FULL of her Family. My Mother became Very Sick, Very Fast and with her doctors help she was in NO pain when she took her last breath... If you knew my Mother, Please feel free to Post memories of her, Incouraging words she might have spoken or just thoughts you might have.. She love AidPage and Im sure all on here will miss her..
Thank You... Elizabeth
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 in response to CATLUV...   There is one other, my dear mamashe and other aidpage family - who mourns your loss. You have been the mama I always wanted and never had for the past couple of years, and though some sought to separate us here, we still remained close until this. You will be sorely missed, sweetly remembered, and patiently waited on seeing again, when I take that same walk you have just taken. There is a beautiful flower missing from my garden ,and there is no replacing it, so I will just wait, until time sends its beauty back into my life. Until then, you will always remain in my heart. as will the dear recipient of this message,
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Please send me a private message with an address to send a sympathy card(s).
I would like to send one to Kevin as well as her children.

I am so sorry for 'our' loss of Sheila.
You & your family have my greatest sympathy.

Your mother was well loved here on Aidpage.

She was my friend & I loved her dearly.
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This is going to take me a while to absorb, I just can't get past the hurt right now. This has sorta taken me by surprise, as I see it has so many others.

Mamashe was in my corner, offering support, encouragement and she was as dear a friend as I'd come to know her here on Aidpage. Her wit and character was a joy and I loved seeing that she'd left me a msg. - I'd been a bit worried when she hadn't wrote back as she would always reply rather quickly...

I don't know how, but I'll try to do all that she said I could. Telling me that I needed to spread my wings and soar. I was often pleased by her praise and tried to do things to make her smile. I never dreamed that our time would be so short...

I miss her already, thankful that I can still type as the tears make it rather difficult to see the screen...I don't want this to be real... But I'm sure that I'm not the only one that wishes that this was just a bad dream...

I don't want to lose her as I've lost others...I don't want to be alone again...she understood that and said that she was there for me. But now I'm not sure what to do...I'm lost, numb and overloaded by emotions...

Thank you for letting us all on here know the information. I wish you all strength and peace for the times ahead...

I can not say goodbye...she's too much a part of me...
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I love you Sheila.
You were always such a great friend.
Tell Davey hello.
My heart is breaking because you are gone.
I did not get to tell you goodbye.
Know that, I thought the world of you.
You were like family.
You always made me feel loved. I enjoyed your straight forwardness,your great sense of humor.
I loved you like a sister,my friend.
You will never know how much I loved & cared for you.
Thanks for being there for me.
You are the greatest.
Goodbye,my friend,goodbye for now.
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 in response to CATLUV...   I can only hope that she made everyone else feel as good about themselves as she made me feel. I can hope that the tears that are shed is heard as thunder in Heaven. Thank you for letting us know.
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Thank you so much for letting us know this.
I was a friend of your Mom.
I loved her dearly.
She was the most wonderful friend a person could have.
I can't digest this shocking news at the moment,since I just found out.
My heart is breaking.
I am so sorry for your loss. If I'm hurting this bad, I cannot even fathom your & your family pain.
If there is anything I can do for you,please let me know.

I hope she knew how much I loved, respected & highly thought of her.
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Thank you for sending me a message letting me know about this.
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I am in shock.
I must be dreaming. Someone,tell me I'm dreaming.
What happened?
I didn't get to tell her goodbye.
I wish I had some profound words to comfort the family & loved ones.
But, I don't. I just found out about this.
I'm in shock. Tell me I will awake from this bad dream.
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 in response to Schmidty...   I fully agree Schmidty, Sheila had a way of making everyone feel welcomed and loved. She was also the reason I have remained on Aidpage ... She has been a huge support for me in my life these last two years. She encouraged me in countless ways, and made me feel special and loved. I am honored & blessed to have called her my dear friend. Words cannot convey my sorrow, as she will be sorely missed both here on Aidpage, as well as in everyone's daily lives.
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Tell me this is not true.
Not Sheila!!!!
Tell me this can't be.
She's my friend. Please,this can't be.
Oh G-d,please NO......

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Wow!! How beautiful it is to see such wonderful things said about my Mom... I know she hears you, feels you and Loves you. Dont ever stop talking about her, This makes my heart Happy
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Elizabeth - I am so sorry to read of mamashe's passing. She will be very much missed by her family and her cyber family. I know many people's lives here were touched by her and their lives are better for having known her. May the peace that passes all understanding comfort you during this time.
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Tears in Heaven ... We will miss you mamashe
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I was told to come to Mamashe's site to see your post. I thought since the trouble with Starshine that that was what this was about. I am shocked and stunned. It just sunk in.I will miss her. She was a cornerstone of my being here on Aidpage.She was loved by many of us and made everyone feel like family. At least this is the way I feel.It doesn't happen to me very often, I'm sure she has told you, but I'm at a loss for words.I'm crying and I don't cry often, my hands are shaken, and I can hardly see the keys. I know that god had his arms out wide and a smile on his face when he saw that she was coming up the road because he knew one of his angels was back home. Bless yoou for alloing me to make this post to her and for her. May god Bless your hearts.
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Mamashe ... I remember when I gave you that name, .. how proud and honored you were to be a mama to so many. I am in shock that this has happened, .. that you are gone and I won't open my email to see a message from you ever again. You meant A LOT to me and I will miss you with all my heart. You made me laugh, shared your wisdom with me, "held" me when I cried and was so scared .. you gave me so much encouragement, for which I will always be thankful and always remember. My heart feels so heavy ... I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON TOO. And every time I gaze up towards the glorious moon I will think of you and say hello. Loves, hugs, and blessings, "KittyGirl"
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